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Golisi S4 Smart Charger - Battery
Golisi S4 Smart Charger - Battery

Golisi S4 Smart Charger

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Golisi S4 is a smart charger with a highly visible HD LCD display, its unique “%” readout accurately presents the charging status. S4 is compatible with most batteries, In addition, its loading spring and sliding plates are made with military grade stainless steel, which enables more than 100K life cycles.
Package: 99.9% packing materials are made of recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Golisi S4 Smart Charger Features and Specs:
Input: 110V~240V AC or 12V DC
The “2A” slot supports 2A fast charging
CE, RoHS, EMC, FCC, ETL(core) certificated
Extremely Visible and Intuitive Digital Readout On liquid crystalline display
Military-Grade quality spring, > 1000K life cycle
Highest quality ABS+PC fireproof materials used for safety
Detect battery type and intelligently distribute current strength accordingly
Compact and versatile, you can use it anywhere you go-indoors or for travel
Against backward installation
Revolutionary upgrade for IMR batteries
Automatic Smart Temperature regulation and protection
Output: For li-ion batteries: 2A x1pc, 1A x 2pcs, 0.5A x 3~4pcs; other batteries: 0.5A
Compatible batteries: 18650, 26650, 20700, 21700, AAA, AA, Ni-cd, Ni-md batteries. Almost all cylindrical batteries batteries ranging 32~70mm in length and up to 32mm in diameter.

Golisi S4 Smart Charger Package Includes:
1 * Golisi S4 Charger
1 * Charging Cable
1 * Instruction